Project18 started from a dream to make a difference and to challenge others to do the same. We raise funds to buy food for Animal Rescue Organisations to help them do what they do best caring for our furry friends. So help me to help them with the amazing work they do.


How can you help us?

Every cent donated will be used for buying food for the cats and dogs being cared for by the shelters we support. Donate a once off,sponsor a bag of food monthly or challenge a friend.

What we are doing

On a monthly basis, funds donated will be used to purchase animal food sourced from a supplier at discounted rates this is then delivered directly to the rescue organisations..


These animal rescue organisations use about 10 tons of food a month. That is about 830kg per day!

Challenge a friend to donate

Challenge your friends, family or colleagues to equal or better your donation.
  •, an animal welfare fundraising initiative launched by Blake Pittaway, serves as a testament to his character and caring nature. Having watched Blake grow up over the past 5 years, I have witnessed him develop from a 13-year-old boy into a considerate, responsible young man; who is socially aware and committed to helping causes in the society that touch him. In an age where the youth (and people in general) have become insular, self-absorbed and less socially interactive due to technological advances, it is refreshing to witness a young man not only initiate this fund-raising initiative but passionately drive it to its actual activation in just a matter of months. This not only shows Blake’s commitment to making a difference but also his tenacity and intrinsically good character, which extends into other areas of our society. A further example of this is Blake giving of his time freely and becoming one of the youngest crew members and being invited to participate in the trainee-coxswain programme at NSRI Melkbosstrand. I wholeheartedly support Blake in the initiative and challenge everyone to support this good cause with the same sincere motive with which it was launched. Blake – continue to let your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more! Well done Blake – proud of you young man!!!
    Fraser Gregg
  • I would just like to congratulate Blake Pittaway for being so selfless. For a young man turning 18, to give up having a birthday and requesting money instead of gifts, for a good cause, is selfless. Blake requested that his close friends and family were to kindly give him a small donation or a gift of money, so that he could in turn, use this to purchase dog food for needy animal’s, this is selfless. He is supporting an organization called “Fallen Angels”.Blake Pittaway is the epitome of SELFLESS! Selfless adjective (concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own; unselfish) Well Done Blake, you set the bar really high !
    Paul Ellington
  • Blake is most definitely one of the most inspiring adolescents that I know. It is truly beautiful to see such a young person so committed and driven, loving beyond self, and expecting nothing but a smile in return. His dedication to serving others and to make a positive impact in the community has left me speechless. He tirelessly continues to devote his time to make even the slightest difference and he is extremely passionate about helping others. He is a true leader of our millennial generation and will achieve wonders in the future with the support from all of you. Help him give hope.
    Reese Brits
  • Having seen a young Blake Pittaway grow up in front of me; it's no surprise that he would rather spend his 18th birthday looking after the less fortunate, than partying and spending his birthday money on what you would expect a young teenager to do. He is involved in so many charities, fundraisers and a wonderful example and ambassador for today's generation. Blake is a phenomenal young man with lots of ambition and a heart of gold!
    Donovan Marais
  • We all LOVE our kids but we don’t always LIKE them. As parents, with no handbooks on parenting, we do our best and hope it will all turn out okay.  I have always taught “manners are free and will get you far in life” BUT yet again Blake has surpassed my expectations as a parent and I am incredibly proud to call him my son.  His continued drive to help those in his community and be an active participant, puts ME to shame.  His actions remind me daily that we should all “give back”. From Blake using his last pocket money to buy a mom and her baby food at OK, to NSRI and all the other actions in between, too now thís initiative. Please help support such a worthy cause. Be inspired that an 18 year old is trying to make just a LITTLE bit of a difference.  If we all did just a LITTLE bit….
    Suzanne Pittaway