Project18 Update – 4 January 2021

Project18 Update – 18 November 2020
November 18, 2020
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New Year New Project18

Dear Supporters

On behalf of the Project18 team and myself we would like to say a massive Thank You for all your support in 2020.Your support has made a massive impact in the lives of thousands of animals across Cape Town.

2020 has been a long and tumultuous year with many industries, people and families being impacted by the pandemic. Loss of jobs, medical expenses and so forth have also meant support for charities has taken a massive knock too. We are privileged to say Project18 weathered the storm with the rest of South Africans and still managed to fulfil our goals. Although with a slight change to the modus operandi.

Normally we focus on supporting animal rescue organisations that are working with animals. During this difficult time we distributed resources to where it was needed most, families who couldn’t afford to care for their animals due to new financial constraints. 

We paired up with the SPCA Cape Of Good Hope to identify families most in need in our communities where we then distributed pet food to each of them. We also paired up with the WC Covid Relief fund and other charities in the community to make sure everyone got the help they needed. This did not stop us from supporting the animal rescue organisations though and we managed to raise our food donations to 14 100kg. What was truly an eye opener was the sheer need for help the numbers were staggering. As well as the people needing help. These were ordinary people like you and me who had fallen on hard times. Lawyers, accountants nurses and more. We managed to help over 800 families

We took a more focused approach this Christmas in donating 200 Christmas Boxes to animals in need. We are ecstatic to say that this drive was a massive success with all 200 boxes being sponsored and delivered to recipients all across Cape Town. From children in communities who have attended lessons each week on how to care for their animals to Elderly furry friends at one of our organisations.

We have created new streams of revenue with new investment accounts being opened as well as new and exciting partnerships being made with companies. We are happy that we have managed to set up our savings account as it has been a long term goal of Project18 since the beginning when we started. We have spent hundreds of hours looking for the best opportunity and we felt it would only be right if we invested it in a ZERO risk investment as we cannot afford to lose a cent in these difficult times.

It has been a productive and busy 2020 and we look forward to making 2021 even better! We wish you all a safe and happy festive season.

Kind Regards
Blake Pittaway
Founder Project18

Project18 Launches Medical Division

After a long few months of planning and hard work we are excited to say that we are partnering with the SPCA to launch our medical division. It is our goal to be able to help our furry friends in every aspect of their lives and so adding a medical division was just the next natural step of progression.

Sterilizations plays a massive role in caring for animals as it slows the unnecessary breeding of animals to reduce those in need of help. With that we will also be vaccinating our Furry Friends to help them fight off contagious and often deadly viruses like Parvo as well as Rabies. Some of which are transferable to humans as well.

A Sterilization and a vaccination can often cost over R1000 through negotiations with the SPCA and suppliers we will be able to do it at a mere R400. This is a massive saving and will allow us to optimize donations efficiently allowing us to make a bigger impact.

To launch this drive we have already sponsored 40 Furry Friends to be Sterilized and vaccinated.

Christmas Care Boxes

This year we decided to donate 200 Christmas boxes to animals in need. Each Box contained 2 Weeks worth of Food, A Blanket, Tick and Flea Collar, Toy as well as a Hoof. We distributed these boxes all over Cape Town and made a lot of furry friends verryyyy happy.

This initiative was aimed at bringing a bit of the Christmas spirit to the animals as well as alleviating some of the financial strains the families and organisations incur from buying expensive medical products and so on. 

A massive thank you to our sponsors Bob Martin, Label Techniques as well as O Tool and Benji Dog Food. These amazing organisations supported us in many ways from the labels for the boxes to the items going into them.

And last but not least a thank you to each and every individual who donated funds to making this happen. Please keep your eye on our social media pages where we will be posting all the images and videos of the furry friends Receiving their Boxes. other notable updates here.