Project18 Update – 30 June 2020

Project18 Update – 2 May 2020
May 2, 2020
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Project18 Update – 25 September 2020
September 25, 2020
project18 update blog cover image with a puppy in a mailbox

Dear Supporter

Project18 is ecstatic to announce that in the last few days we achieved a milestone that we never though possible. When we started Project18 we set the goal of 5 tonnes of food, an ambitious goal at a stretch. Over the last few days we have donated over 10 Tonnes of food! Double what we originally set out to do.

It has been an exciting journey with many opportunities to grab and obstacles to overcome.

One of these opportunities include having our vehicle that we use for deliveries, collections and everything else we can think of completely wrapped. Through fundraising activities like raffles and auctions we managed to raise the majority of the funds needed. The last bit was topped up by one of our awesome donors.

After going back and forth with multiple changes being made we have now finalised the design. We are super excited to announce that our vehicle (More affectionately known as Betsie the Getzie) will be going in on Thursday for her big makeover. She will be back in service on Tuesday the 28th.

We are currently very busy and working a few projects in the background that we hope to show and deploy in coming weeks.

Once again I would like to say a big Thank You to all our supporters as non of this would have been possible without you.

Kind Regards
Blake Pittaway
Founder Project18

Project18s Final Vehicle Wrap Design.

We look forward to having Betsie back with us and on the road again.

Getting Creative to Help Shelters

With funding becoming more and more scarce due to Covid19, we launched a new drive to collect old socks as well as old towels that we make into pet beds.

Using old and holey socks balled together, we stitch each ball together in a long line and then curl them up and finally stitch them all together. 

Above is an example of our towel beds where we stitch up the ends and stuff it full of stuffing. We currently have 200kg of stuffing that was sponsored so we need all the towels we can get!