Project18 Update – 25 September 2020

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Project18 Update – 30 June 2020
June 30, 2020
Project18 Update – 13 October 2020
October 13, 2020
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1.3 Tonnes of Food Donated

Over the last few weeks we have been working hard to make sure our furry friends stay fed and healthy. We donated a total of 1.3 Tonnes of food to 8 of the shelters we support as well as 15 blankets and 25 beds that we made from socks and towels. This has brought our total donation amount to over 11.6 Tonnes.

We want to make sure that the organisations we support are doing their best to make sure our furry friends are well looked after. To do this we do spot checks on each of our organisations at random. We look for things like clean enclosures, proper bedding, good quality food and so forth. We also interact with the animals to make sure they are happy, comfortable and healthy.

This week we checked up on 3 of our Organisations and we were pleasantly surprised not only to see that they met all the above criteria but some were expanding their capacity and facilities to care for more animals. 

We look forward to the new and amazing things our organisations will achieve.

Kind Regards
Blake Pittaway
Founder Project18

A New Member to the Team

We are excited to welcome Tyla to the Project18 family. Tyla is the Founder of Tyde Online a boutique digital marketing, design and web development company.

Tyla will be assisting us in everything we do in the digital and marketing sphere. Like this email template (Pretty cool hey!?)

Thanks Tyla for all your hard work and welcome to the team!

Project18 Registers as a PBO!

After months of handwork we are excited to announce that we have successfully registered as a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) with SARS. This with our NPO (Non Profit Organisation) Registration allows us to issue 18a certificates allowing individuals as well as companies to claim back the tax on their monetary or goods donation.

This has come at a crucial time for us, with the need for help growing and with funding becoming harder to get this will give us the leg up that we need to go a little bit further with our fundraising. 

Our PBO Number is 930069021