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4 days ago
In the past few days South Africa has been faced with many challenges, from being downgraded to junk status by Moodys to being placed in a 21 day lockdown. In times like this, it becomes so easy to focus on all the…
1 week ago
Dear Project18 supporters,

As the country gears down to go into a 21 day lockdown, I took a step back to see how Project18 will function and whether we will still be able to operate during this time period.

4 weeks ago
Another Successful donation of Regal animal care products to Cheryl Lyns Rescue Organization.

Thank you @regalpethealth for your constant support.
1 month ago
Project18 is getting savvy!

We understand you are busy and don't always have time to see what it is we are up to on social media.

So we are going to be doing a Bi Annual newsletter with some of the things we have…


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